Why We Need 3D Printers

The convenience and affordability of three dimensional printing technology today has created a vast potential for creative individuals, businesses, and schools to create what they wish. Better yet, many limits that once posed a serious challenge towards virtual creativity and designs are vanishing through simple fast paced innovation. An example that once plagued many creative consumers with 3d Printers was their affordability. However, because of open source technology and numerous supplies from many competitive 3d printer manufacturers, the problem of not being able to afford a professional commercial grade 3d printer is slowly becoming a memory for many people. The funny thing is we can already see this happening today as many 3D printers can be bought and made at a really affordable price.

3d printer

So Why do we Need 3D Printers?

First, 3d printers make it very cheap to build prototypes especially if you are an inventor. The days of going to a manufacturer to make prototypes and creating contracts to assure they don’t steal your idea will be a thing of the past. All you will need is a computer, CAD (Computer-Aided-Design) software, a 3D printer, and an ambitious imagination to build what you want.

Second, you can test different ideas without risking a huge sum of money!

Third, 3d printes saves a lot of time time as it allows the creator (architects, engineers, students, inventors, and etc. ) to immediately see, feel, and test their creation in days instead of weeks or months!

Fourth, having a 3D printer helps you stay ahead of the game. Not only will you be able to make prototypes in rapid time, having a 3d printer lowers your operating costs!

Not the Creative Type?

But what if you’re not the creative type? What if you’re the kind of person who would like to make a copy of something that is already built and you need a replacement or a backup?

All you need to do opt for a 3D scanner that simply works by copying an already existing object. In other words,  3D scanners take three-dimensional copies of an object and then sends that data over to a 3D printer.

Creating or duplicating whatever comes to the mind to help with and satisfy our daily lives is why 3d printers will become an essential household item.

If you still think that you don’t need a 3d printer, below are 8 gnarly examples of what a 3D printer can make!

8 Examples that will Persuade Why You Need a 3D Printer!!!

1. 3D Figurines From Your Children’s Drawings

This is self explanatory. while using a 3d scanner to scan a child’s drawing, a 3D printer enables you to turn your child’s drawings into something real. Plus, if you can’t afford a 3d printer, they have 3d pens for your kids to doodle whatever they wish!

2. Camera Lens Cap / Filter / Hood

I think we’ve lost a camera lens cap one time or the other.  With 3d printing, you can make a customized cap for less than $5 with any color you want. You can also add a logo at the end to showcase your brand and standout among the crowd. You can also create protective lens hoods and filters. Out of convenience, having a machine to create anything out of a couple of recyclable filaments is amazing!


3d Printer used to make a lens hood!

3. A 3D-Printed Acoustic Guitar

With a 3D printer, you can print an acoustic guitar or any kind of instrument. With the right design templates you can also make a 3D replicas of instruments. The biggest challenge yet to come is probably a 3D printed piano! It’s not impossible!

Here is a man who made a guitar for under $30!!

4. A Gun

Yes, 3d printed guns have been making headlines recently but as scary and exciting as this sounds this is true. With the new technology, you can create a working gun with a 3D printer. Here is a story of a kid in Japan who made a gun with a 3D printer. Unfortunately firearms are illegal in the country and he was thrown in the slammer for 2 years. However, his story proves how 3d printing can make almost anything you desire. Here’s a video of him making one.

5. 3D Printed Fabrics

Thread and needle will probably be obsolete in the future because of 3d printers. What makes 3d printing better than modern-day thread and needle fabric making is that all we have to do is insert our body measurements for a custom fit. The advantages of using 3d printers for fabrics is that it requires less labor, you get custom fit clothes, and it is recyclable.

6. Unique Furniture/ Decor of your Design

Ever have the exact same type of furniture with a neighbor or a friend? Sometimes, we just want to have a unique object at home to signify we are at home. It makes it deeper if that object was built by a member of the family.

3D printing allows you to create some unique eye-catching hanging lights and use them as standing lamps, ceiling or table light fixture.

7. Dishware/ Cups / Espresso Cups

How many coffee cups have you broken to date? 3D printer enables you to print espresso coffee cups out of glazed-Ceramics. You can also make cups or other dishware with 3D filaments but make sure the are not ABS plastic because they can contain BPA.

8. 3d-Printed Footwear

Maybe one day, we will never have to go to the shoe store but as of now, a person by the name of Pauline van Dongen, created a custom fit high heel shoe with a 3d printer. If you enjoy designing, this is one of many things you can do with a 3D printer.


Making designer heels with a 3d printer!

A 3D printer will keep your mind busy at designing and creating objects of desire and for functionality. It can also be a great new hobby or a great activity to learn and use in school. Not only that 3d printing can bring many opportunities in businesses ranging from retail to fashion design!

Good luck!